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Both the K60 and K90’s features really break down into two sections, shared and unique. They are both built on the same platform with a few key features that help set them apart and put the focus on specific genres. In the case of the K60 this is FPS and in some cases MOBA’s (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, AKA DOTA and LoL). This is because both games require very little arm movement placing your left hand right on the WASD for FPS and QWER for MOBA’s Because of this Corsair attached a special wrist rest right under those keys to give your hand extra support. This pulls double duty by also allowing you to store extra keycaps and a key puller as well. This is a unique way to go about this; I know I have lost similar keycaps after letting them lay loose.

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The red keycaps that come with the K60 are unique as well. Never before have we seen key caps come with their rubber coating and more importantly their specific shapes. Each red key has a slant specific to their location rising on the left side of the A and right side of the D of WASD for example. The MOBA fan in me was a little disappointed in the lack of a QWER option over the numbers 1-6. Obviously the K60 is FPS focused, but being so close to the MOBA layout means a few more key caps could help fans of that genre as well.

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While swapping out keys we also get a quick peak at the cherry red switches used on both the K60 and K90. Corsair went with an interesting mix of mechanical switches and rubber membrane with both keyboards. All of the normal keys are quality cherry switches, but esc, the f keys, and all of your INS, home, page up, etc. are all membrane. This really shouldn’t affect the end quality as those keys are rarely used, but it’s an interesting way to go to say the least.

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They may have saved a little money on the mixed key switch design, but they made up for it with an all-aluminum keyboard design. These are some of the best looking keyboards we have ever seen. Because of the aluminum design, both keyboards are extremely solid. What is even more unique is how the keyboard doesn’t come up around the keys like on other keyboards. Much like a typewriter, the keys on the K60 and K90 stand up and away from the base. This makes cleaning the dust and dirt that all keyboards collect much easier, although there is a chance it might drive you nuts now that you can always see it.

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To match the aluminum design the volume controls and media controls on both keyboards are all silver in color, and plastic. In the case of the volume knob they actually went with an aluminum knob with a knurled finish for grip. I love volume knobs of this style generally and the aluminum design really gives the keyboards a quality look and feel. On the K60 there is one other button up top, the lock button. This is also made out of plastic and locks your windows key when pressed.

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Another great feature of both boards is their extremely large and heavy duty USB cord. This cord is thicker than most PSU cables and to add to it, it is also sleeved. At the end you have two blue USB connections; unfortunately these aren’t USB 3.0 connections. One is for the keyboard and the second is used as a USB pass through for the USB plug on the back of the keyboard.

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Last but not least the K60 has a unique foot design. Unlike other keyboards, Corsair has included feet on both the back and front of their keyboards to let you set the keyboard up slightly or angle, whatever your preference is.

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A little late in the day today, but a look at Corsairs keyboard offerings. Enjoy :)

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