We have covered all of the shared and unique features of the K90 and K60, but how does it all work in practice. Well for one, I found the choice to go with cherry red switches to be interesting. In use its actually hard to tell that they are mechanical keyboards, the quiet linier key switches have a similar feel as membrane based switches. This isn’t really a bad thing, a lot of people like the quiet use and the feel of the keyboard they have grown up on. This gives you that feeling and noise, but with the quality that we have come to love from a mechanical keyboard. I found that both gaming and using both keyboards to be just like using out G510 and G19 keyboards.

The unique all aluminum design used on both keyboards is both very eye catching, but I also found this to be very helpful when cleaning the keyboard out. A quick blast of air and everything is cleaned out, not jammed into the corner. In use I found the volume control and media buttons on both keyboards to be extremely useful and well layed out. I also love that they included a USB pass through plug on the back of the keyboards. I like using these for my mouse to keep its cord very short whenever possible. I only wish we got two plugs, not just the one.

Looking at the K90 and K60 separately, I found myself leaning toward the K90 for a few reasons. For one the key backlighting is very important to me and the K60 does not have this. I also love the soft wrist rest using on the K90. I myself actually have no need for the extra macro keys though. The k60 on the other hand is a great keyboard as well, but I found the FPS wrist rest to be impossible to use when typing normally. Because of that I couldn’t use it very much and the idea of swapping between wrist rests wouldn’t be much fun as much as I jump in and out of game. The other important feature of the K60 was its red keycaps. While in an FPS game I loved them, the raised area’s make reaching your keys even easier. But out of game these keys are impossible to type with. Because of this, much like the wrist rest, I didn’t use them very much. In the end, I found the features of the K90 to be much more useful. I only wish they made a backlit version without the additional side keys.

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A little late in the day today, but a look at Corsairs keyboard offerings. Enjoy :)

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