The other team is obviously the dinosaurs. Being bigger and more powerful, the developers had to find a way to balance them correctly. This was done by making all the dinosaurs use melee attacks, therefore you have to run into melee range to attack and must rely on speed, stealth and vision to get to and devour the mercenaries.

Primal Carnage_4

First is the biggest and baddest of the dinosaurs, the Tyrannosaurus. The T-Rex is the biggest of the dinosaurs and therefore has the most health. This makes him difficult to take him down, but he is also very clunky and difficult to maneuver. With his size comes pure power. He is able to gobble up any of the mercenaries in a single bite as well as crush anyone that has the misfortune of standing in his path.

Primal Carnage_5

Next is the Novaraptor, the fastest of the dinosaurs.  They are able to make their way around or over most of the environment in mere seconds, attack swiftly, and then vanish as quickly as they appeared. This makes the Novaraptor a very good solo creature and two or three of them can downright devastate a group of mercenaries.

Third is the Dilophosaurus, or as I call them, spitters. This is the closest thing that the dinosaurs have to a support class. They are quick and vile, and while their main attack doesn’t do much damage, their alternate attack is a spray of venom that disables an enemy allowing for you to go in for the kill, or to assist another dinosaur by marinating their meal.

Next is the Pteranodon, which are a flying class and probably my favorite dinosaur to play. They take to the skies and assist in a few different ways. They can spot and mark enemies on the map so that other dinosaurs on the ground can see them through walls and take a more tactical approach to their attack. They can also swoop in and grab up a mercenary and take them on a magic carpet ride through the sky. They also have a very basic and weak melee attack that can be used in desperate situations.

Primal Carnage_1

Lastly is the Carnotaurus, which is basically a poor man’s T-Rex. He is another very large and powerful dinosaur that is difficult to take down, but also difficult to maneuver. They charge head first with their horns impaling anyone who crosses their path, and they swipe anyone who gets within melee range away with their head.

These two groups go at each other in a non-stop brawl. Sadly the only way to go at it is in deathmatch. While it can be fun for a while, with only 6 maps it can get stale after a while, even with the completely unique option to play as dinosaurs. I just wish the game had more game types so it didn’t get as stale as fast.

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