Overall and Final Verdict

Overall I think that Primal Carnage is an excellent idea that needs some help. There is definite room for growth with some new environments, game types, or maybe even some vehicles. It would also be nice to see some controller support added. That being said, it is a good class-based shooter. It requires teams to work together to kill the enemy and all the classes are vital to the success of the team as a whole. The classes are all pretty fun to play and give reason to keep coming back. The graphics are nice like I said, but it needs a change of scenery. Looking at the same maps over and over again gets boring in any game, but when all the maps look somewhat the same it gets boring even quicker. I think that Primal Carnage is a great LAN game to play with your friends and have some laughs, but it isn’t something I could foresee playing for long periods of time. Primal Carnage is fun, but it just misses the mark in my opinion, and hopefully with continued development it will hit that mark soon.



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Author: Fildy

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One step closer to that all-dinosaur themed LAN party.

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