I absolutely love the way the game handles, the fluidity of the movement system is quite possibly my favorite improvement in the Assassin’s Creed franchise. The controls themselves however do not feel right on the keyboard and mouse in my eyes. They work as you would expect, W, A, S, and D move your character around while the mouse changes the direction which you are looking. Spacebar is used to jump around and grab onto ledges and such, but that’s where it stops being simple and starts getting a bit confusing. Left mouse button is used to attack with all of the melee weapons or special abilities such as smoke bombs and coin distraction that you might use, but right mouse isn’t used for combat at all, it is used to sprint. To fire the rifles you must reach all the way over to the Q button and the E button for actions and letting go of ledges and so forth.  You can quick switch through your weapon set by selecting 1-4, but can only have 4 items active at a time. To change out these items you must hold R, not just hit it, but hold it down why you select what you want to swap in and out.

Assassins Creed_3_3

Everything IS customizable however, so if the keys are not to your liking, you can adjust them as you wish and this is a nice addition, but I feel like the controls are just not designed for keyboard and mouse very well. I had much more fun while playing with my Xbox 360 controller, which the game fully supports, but I wasn’t able to use both methods at the same time as I was in other games. If you want to use keyboard and mouse, you must use your Xbox controller to go into the menu and select keyboard and mouse as your input device and then start using them. The same goes the other way around. This became increasingly frustrating when I wanted to play with my controller, but then needed to take a screenshot of something. The constant switching back and forth became a bother and eventually I just ended up sticking with keyboard and mouse.


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