What’s in the BOX!

Let's also take a look at what AMD sent over for the review kit and what you will get when you buy one of the APUs. So once again they sent over a large box that is decked out in Ryzen theme. This one was designed to have the same silver strip across the top just like the actual boxes.

image 5

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Inside the box, AMD's kit came with nearly a whole PC. They sent the Ryzen 5 2400G and the Ryzen 3 2200G in their boxes with coolers. Then they included a Gigabyte AB350N-Gaming WIFI ITX for a motherboard. For memory G-Skill Flare-X AMD compatible memory and they also included an orange AMD branded USB drive as well.

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So the AMD CPUs they sent look like production models but they are not for resale labeled. I don’t plan on selling them or anything but I do mention that these aren’t randomly picked off the production line or anything.

image 14

image 13

image 12

Inside each box, they both come with Wraith Stealth coolers. This is the lowest end of all three of AMDs stock coolers. I’ve actually spent a lot of time testing and diving into these as well as stacks of other coolers directly on Ryzen at the two links below

Ryzen Stock Coolers

Ryzen ITX Cooler Roundup

Anyhow this does come with thermal paste but isn’t as great at cooling as the other two models.

image 10

image 11

image 17

Also in the box, you get the CPU in a plastic tray, installation instruction, a note about BIOS compatibility for Ryzen 2000 series processors, and you also get two stickers. One is a matching Ryzen 3 or 5 sticker and the other is a Vega sticker. The Vega one isn’t pictured because it is tucked up under the Ryzen one and I didn’t see it until much later.

image 19

image 20

image 21

image 18

Now the Gigabyte AB350N Gaming WiFi might look familiar if you read my articles often. This is because I actually covered it back when it launched. In fact, we were the first English review of the board and I was also the first to damage it. I also did all of our Ryzen ITX testing on it and its been in at least one case review as well. Well, our original now has a twin brother. Check out our review for more information on the board.

image 15

image 16

As for the memory, this is the first time I’ve had a chance to check them out. The Flare-X sticks have Samsung dies on them and that is what has made them great for Ryzen, even back in the early days when most RAM didn’t work with it. The black heatspreaders look good and have just a little styling up on the top edge without being too overdone or making the sticks too tall.

image 1

image 2

image 3

Last but not least is that orange USB drive. There wasn’t anything on it but it should be perfect to have around the office for a windows installer drive or to be able to move drivers between PCs. I can’t complain about the color given how much I love orange and it is covered so it won’t get dirt or funk into the USB connection over time.

image 4


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