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Okay before I dive into the good and bad with these CPUs, I figured this is as good of a place as any to talk a little about the issues I ran into during testing that caused our delays. I obviously got everything working but I like to be completely open about anything I run into just in case anyone else has the same issues. I basically had two issues. The first one right out of the hole happened when using onboard and when I was using a GPU and this was where a lot of my time was wasted trying to figure things out. Basically, when I hooked everything up and got up I was missing some resolutions including 1080p. I’ve had this same issue once before on Intel and it was a chipset driver not being installed but I had all of the drivers AMD had provided. This issue was preventing me from doing any of our in game testing and some of the other tests that test at 1080p full screen also wouldn’t run.


I spent days reinstalling and fighting with this one because I thought a bad SSD was causing it and I did seem to be having data loss but after reinstalling windows and redownloading everything on three different SSDs it didn’t fix the issue. From there I tried different CPUs and video cards. I even pulled our matching Gigabyte board out of a build an after having to update the BIOS with another CPU in it I confirmed that wasn’t the issue as well. I tried redownloading and using a different USB drive for our copy of windows and in all, I think I reinstalled 5 or 6 times, that takes up a huge about of time. I even tried a different power supply. I even tried different monitor cables, both type and then multiple of each type. Monitor drivers didn’t do it, mind you our test monitor is a Gsync compatible display so I thought maybe that was the issue as well. In the end, I just forced the resolution down to 1080p by digging out a 1080p monitor and that worked at the time.


Then from there I did some of my testing and then noticed another issue when I wanted to test the onboard. I was getting weird results and eventually some of the games and tests that needed stuff like newer OpenGL didn’t work. As it turns out the GPUs were showing up as errored and that windows has shut them down. They both had "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems (Code 43)” as the error. It didn’t matter if I was on onboard or if I installed a GPU. So this slowed me down for days trying to figure it out and eventually, AMD asked if I had tried using the BIOS option to force PCI or onboard graphics. Doing that oddly enough fixed the problem lol.

There seemed to be some sort of compatibility issue between the Nvidia and AMD drivers that was bugging out when they ran at the same time. I don’t think you can expect novice users to use the BIOS setting when swapping between onboard and GPUs so hopefully it was specific to me or they get it figured out in the future.


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