With Ryzen 5 now available, the possibility that people will be running stock coolers has gone up considerably. Because of that, I figured today we could take a quick look at the performance of the new Wraith Spire and Wraith Max coolers. I did the same thing last year when the Wraith Cooler was first introduced. So today won’t be a big article, I’m just going to run through what CPUs they work with, compare the differences, and then see how they perform.

Title: Ryzen Stock Coolers

Written by: Wes

Pictures by: Wes


Spire and Max

So the breakdown of coolers available for Ryzen CPUs is a little confusing. This is partially because half of the currently launched CPUs don’t even come with coolers at all. None of the 95 Watt CPUs bother to include one. But on top of that things get a little more complicated because there are two Wraith Spire models, one with RGB and the other without. The RGB model is only available with the R7 1700, the 1600 and 1500X both get the none RGB version that I’m looking at today. Then there is the Wraith Stealth, a cooler that looks a lot more like a stock Intel cooler but is only available with the R5 1400. The Wraith Max that is the original Wraith cooler with RGB isn’t even available at all currently but rumors are starting to show up that new SKUs will be coming soon with them on the 95W parts.

R7 1800X

R7 1700X

R7 1700

R5 1600X

R5 1600

R5 1500X

R5 1400












Spire RGB





So here are the two coolers they sent over. The non-RGB Wraith Spire and the Wraith Max that doesn’t really exist. The Spire is especially interesting because it cuts back on the overall size but is a little bigger and hopefully more functional that the horrible tiny Intel coolers.

image 11

image 12

image 13

I especially like the new mounting system that the Spire uses. They have you remove the pain in the ass plastic clips that AMD has always used and you screw the Spire down to the backplate. I really wish the Wraith Max had picked up this mounting as well. In fact, I really wish they just went with this overall like the Intel 2011 socket.

image 14

So the Wraith Max and the Wraith Spire RGB both have RGB lighting built in. You get an RGB ring around the fan and a white backlit AMD logo as well. They give you two different connection options as well. You can hook up to a USB 2.0 header inside of your case and control the lighting using AMDs software or you can use the RGB cable and hook up to your motherboard if it has an RGB header. Our Crosshair IV has an RGB header so I went with that option and controlled the Wraith Max with Asus’s software. Mostly I just kept it set to match the rotating effects that the board had going though. All in all, it really looks good, especially when it matches the board.

rgb 1


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