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So normally with a case review I’m not all that concerned with what components I go with other than that they are functional and they are high end enough to create some heat inside of the case. This is one of those rare situations where I opted to reach out and get a few other components in to go with this build. So I went with a Ryzen 1 build with the 1700 which while slightly dated is still a solid CPU. I went with that because I just happened to have an Asus Prime motherboard. Frankly, this is still not the most optimal motherboard, the newer X570 prime boards, for example, have a nice white cover over the rear I/O along with more white in other places and MSI has multiple white and silver options but this was the best I had on hand. The power supply was going to be hidden so I went with a Cooler Master V1000. Then for the video card, I did ask Gigabyte about one of their white shrouded GPUs but they didn’t have any on hand. I was seriously considering painting or plastic dipping one of the cards I have but I thought the silver RTX 2080 SUPER Founders Edition would fit the bill and the chrome also helps. Not to mention it is a monster.

image 36

But packing black ram and a black water cooling on top of everything else. I knew that would create a black hole in the middle of the Snowblind Element. So I reached out to Corsair and they hooked us up with a few bright white components. Thankfully I have pictures to help show just how good they look because I don’t even have words. The white Vengeance RGB Pro memory kit that filled all four slots looks amazing and even without any lighting on fits perfectly in this case. I wish they had memory like this when I built our Fridge build! The 4x8GB kit hits the 32GB sweet spot and filling all four slots is ideal to prevent any black from slipping through. Of course, if we want to add some color that is an option as well. I’ve also not seen black PCBs look as good as they do with the white to contrast it. Here is an affiliate link should you be wondering where to pick them up and also are enjoying this review and want to help the site.

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image 44Then the other important component they sent over was the H100i RGB Platinum SE. This comes with their new LL120 fans and has RGB lighting on top of the pump as well. The only downside is that the top of the pump in the center is still black. It's crazy they went as far as to paint the radiator white, use white fans, and white sleeving only to miss that one area. I actually have the black version of this kit in our review queue as well so you can expect to see performance testing of it here very soon! These white kits did have a problem with some leaking and they did a recall. These have been really hard to find after that but this is a new SKU and they look to just now getting back to the market. Here is an affiliate link if you want to check the kit out, it does cost a little more than the black kit. If you want to wait for performance testing, like I said that is coming soon as well.

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