Installation and Performance

Installation of both the motherboard and power supply was as easy as you would expect. The sheer size of the backplane window centered on the CPU section of the motherboard would allow for nearly effortless installation of a support system for the bulkier CPU coolers along with the space above the motherboard to accommodate them. The PCI expansion slot clamp also feels quite durable though I would personally still default to screwing expansion cards in for that little extra support.

InWinG7 29

InWinG7 3

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Cable management was not 100% ideal but still managed to work quite well. There was even room to sneak the 8-pin power cable up into the top of the case through the CPU window though this required the motherboard to not be installed until after the plug wire had been threaded through. The front panel connectors and all of the power cables were able to snake around, up and down and in and out of the routing channel without much effort and there are many loops and holes to secure wires with ties. As always, I would recommend using a modular power supply for the best results but management still wasn’t prohibitive with the non-modular model I used in testing.

InWinG7 31

InWinG7 5

As far as performance the G7 offers both options for water-cooling or air cooling. Two 120mm case fans are provided as well as places to put a total of seven when all is said and done with the front two intake fans providing air flow over the HDD cages and the two fans on the door provide a place for either a pair of 120mm fans or a double radiator. The dedicated SSD bracket without having to use up one of your 3.5” drive bays is another nice thing to see.


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Taking a look at a mid tower case for builders on a budget.

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