Overall and Final Verdict

The G7 from InWin does come with a bevy of performance features promised at this value price tag. Cable management isn’t too terrible and the support for various HDD and cooling solutions without the need for aftermarket modification is a refreshing sight. The case materials feel solid and the tool-free features secure components as promised.

InWinG7 24

Still, being a value offering, you can see a few places that could see improvement. For starters having only a single USB 3.0 port on the front panel is unfortunate as at least two has become the standard. Second the serial hot swap feature really should be abandoned in favor of something more modular like an eSATA port or more USB. Space between the motherboard panel and the rear door could be increased to provide more space for cabling. The external 3.5” bay could probably have also been removed.

All in all, the G7 is a solid offering at its value price point. It has things to offer from the enthusiast to the system building neophyte and room to improve, grow and modify for those that wish it. InWin have rightfully earned their place amongst their competitors with the G7 and I look forward to further offerings and updates to this line. If you are in the market for a computer case but are on a tight budget, consider giving the G7 a look.


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Taking a look at a mid tower case for builders on a budget.

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