The InWin G7’s packaging is direct, the box itself is simple cardboard with nothing flashy and the front gets right to the point with an illustration of the G7’s profile along with both the G7 and InWin logos. The opposite side is filled with another illustration of the case and the more flashy promises the G7 offers potential buyers such as tool free installation, water-cooling and SSD capability and USB 3.0.

InWinG7 9

InWinG7 11

The side of the box is nice enough to display all the necessary specifications we might need to know. A few things of note are the support for up to 408mm (16.1 inch) video cards as well as places for up to seven 120mm case fans.

InWinG7 10

Pulling the case out we find it bookended with the standard Styrofoam slats and wrapped in some clear plastic. Sitting nicely on top of the case when you open it up is a plastic bag holding all of your included accessories. To go along with the manual we are provided with a small bag of screws and standoffs for the motherboard, another bag of screws for the HDDs, a case speaker and three reusable cable ties to help us with managing our cables.

InWinG7 12

InWinG7 27


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Taking a look at a mid tower case for builders on a budget.

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