We’ll start our tour around the G7’s exterior at the front plate. The power button is easy to find and the rest of the connections are all presented in a nicely designed and compact manner. Preset are the standard HD audio port as well as a pair of USB 2.0 and a single 3.0 port for quick access. As always we would like to see more 3.0 ports at our disposal but the addition at all is a good thing. One thing I need to point out is that odd “blast from the past” Turbo button which is, in reality a fan controller the simply increases voltages to maximum when pressed. Behind the front panel is the hot swap serial connection.

InWinG7 14

InWinG7 16

There are removable shields for three 5.25” external devices below our front connections and if you remove the front cover you will find a place to put a pair of 120mm intake fans with the one that blows across the HDD cage already included. Both fans have fasteners for filters to assist you in keeping your hardware as dust free as possible.

InWinG7 28

Moving to the side panel, the first thing you notice is the lack of the window. In its place we find steel mesh that runs nearly the full height of the case and has screw holes capable of holding a pair of 120mm fans or a double radiator if you are feeling adventurous. Both side panels are attached by two thumbscrews.

InWinG7 13

Taking a look at the back of the case, the seven available expansion slots and the bottom mounted power supply jump right out. The expansion slots are held securely in place by an extra piece of metal meaning less screws to worry about when upgrading or changing out PCI cards. We see the pair of rubber grommets present for an external water-cooling option as well which is a feature present in almost every case nowadays.

InWinG7 15

The G7 stands on four round, hard plastic feet. This allows enough space between the desk or ground and the bottom for a 120mm internal bottom fan. This fan and the power supply fan are both protected from dust by a simple fine mesh filter that is unfortunately not removable for easy cleaning.

InWinG7 25

InWinG7 26


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