Overall and Final Verdict

To sum things up, I think that the Cooler Master N200 is an everyman’s case, but not every man’s case. Its size and limited ability for additional hard drives, video cards, and optical disc drives severely hinders its ability to be an enthusiast case, but that isn’t what it is made for anyway. Its design as a small form factor case with room for water cooling is brilliantly executed. The additional space for the water cooling reservoir was magically syphoned from areas that I wouldn’t have expected, but the non-water cooling design was not overlooked either. With room for five 120mm fans it can also be an efficiently air cooled system. Its lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver during both installation and relocation (LAN Box anyone?). Lastly, priced at only $49.99 the case is incredibly affordable.  I know for me it will be the case that I use to build systems for friends/family who want to get into gaming on a budget system. It can easily house all of the parts they could possibly need, but it also has the ability to be water cooled, which isn’t always something an entry level gamer will want or need, but it doesn’t hurt to have the option. If you are looking for a new budget build, or even a LAN box I would definitely suggest looking in the direction of the N200 for the next home for your parts.

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