The first thing I noticed when finally getting the plastic wrap off is that the BP655 is a simple, clean case with a bit of edge to it. The front of the case puts different polygonal shapes to an interesting use making a unique but slick looking front. The power button is located at the top right corner of the front of the face and is set into the case with a blue color. I kind of wish they had gone with black for the button and the small divot below it. I feel like black would have given the case a completely clean and professional look. It doesn’t look bad at all it just doesn’t really fit with the rest of the case because it is all black.

In Win_BP655_15

In Win_BP655_14

Also on the front are two USB ports, a frontal audio and microphone jack, a reset button, and a hard drive light. The reset button and the print that informs us what the light is for were actually initially overlooked because they are black just like the rest of the plastic behind it. Lastly there is a removable plate as a placeholder for where a CD/DVD drive could eventually go.

In Win_BP655_16

The front of the case is where any sort of style starts and ends, the rest of the outside is rather simple. On the bottom and one side of the case are just all black metal coverings. The other side of the case is also black, but has a nice vent to help with airflow on the case. Along with the side vent, we can find another small vent on the on the top of the case. This confused me a bit at first because I am used to power supplies being mounted on the bottom of the case, but in this design it is most certainly near the top.

In Win_BP655_9

In Win_BP655_10

In Win_BP655_11

In Win_BP655_12

In Win_BP655_13

On the rear of the case we can find a few things. The first is the obvious and expected ventilation. With about fifty percent of the back of the case covered in vents, it is safe to say that this is where most of our cooling will be coming from.

In Win_BP655_8

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