Overall and Final Verdict

At the end of the day the BP655 is a good case, but simply not a great one. First off the market for it is extremely limited due to its size and form factor. This is clearly the type of case that would be used in OEM situations rather than for a gaming rig or even just an everyday browsing PC. With that in mind it certainly performs its duties. It is a bit cramped, even with the size and form factor in mind, but everything still fit. The included power supply and removable cubby was a nice touch, but having to order a TFX form factor power supply specifically for this case could be a bit bothersome if the included one died. Possibly the most negative aspect of the case was the fact that while installing everything it gave me a metal splinter. This means that the case was probably not given the TLC off the line that was needed to keep my fingers from being attacked.

fv2 BP655recomended

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Author: Fildy

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