The first thing that comes to mind when looking at the case is “Business.” The case is packaged in an incredibly plain brown box. On the front is the In Win logo and a website URL in case we want to visit and pick up another of their products. Down at the bottom right we can see that this particular case is part of the BP series of cases. I guess the reason this package screamed business is because it is so plain and simple. It reminds me of the type of packaging that you might see tucked away somewhere in a big office building, the type that a business might order ten or even a hundred of for workers throughout the organization. I do not see this as being the type of packaging that is designed to sell on shelves in stores or aimed at enthusiasts who typically buy the fancy cases with flashy packaging.

In Win_BP655_5

Upon opening the packaging we can find a common scene among cases. The case itself is wrapped in a plastic bag to protect it from dings or scrapes. The wrapped case is wedged in between two Styrofoam molds that hold the case in place during shipping. Also included were the typical screws and instructions that you would expect to see.

In Win_BP655_6

 There was really nothing new about what we saw with the packaging of the BP655, nothing too flashy or extravagant either.

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