It might be news to people who don’t consider themselves to be audiophiles, but for the most part gaming headsets aren’t exactly known for having top level audio performance. They are expensive, but they generally are focused on styling, and adding features that can be used in marketing when promoting. I’m not saying they are bad, but there are better options when you drop the microphone and start looking at headphones. You can also sometimes save some money going this route. This is why when you walk around a LAN you are going to see a few people sporting big headphones. The problem of course is for online gaming you are going to need a microphone. There are a few different options with the most popular being microphones sitting on your desk. They can be cheap old school microphones or production quality microphones that costs as much or more than your headphones. Well if you are looking for something that is closer to a traditional gaming headset you need a microphone on your headphones and Portland, Oregon based Antlion Audio stepped up to fill this void with their ModMic. Today I’m checking out the 4th iteration of the ModMic to see how they perform in combination with our V-Moda headphones.

Product Name: Antlion Audio ModMic

Review Sample Provided by: Antlion Audio

Written by: Wes

Pictures by: Wes

Amazon Link: HERE



3.5mm plated TRS for use with PCs

-Xbox One: works fine through controller via a CTIA/TRRS adapter. Will need latest firmware update! (as of 5/22/15)

-Play Station 4: works fine through controller via a CTIA/TRRS adapter. Sounds strange at times if used through mixamp.

-Mac/PS3/Xbox 360 headset jacks with proper adapter (Macs will need a USB adapter)

Boom 175mm max length, very bendable with internal steel spine
Clasp 12.7mm (0.5 inch) diameter circle adhesive pad footprint, ~17.5mm total height of attached clasp assembly.
Cable 3.3 meters length, 2.5 mm diameter, coaxial shielding
Mute (optional)
~150mm from end of boom (about shirt pocket height)
Uni-Directional Microphone

Pattern: Uni-directional

Sensitivity: -38 ± 3 dB

Response: 100 Hz–10 kHz

SNR: >50+ dB

Impedance: 2.2 KΩ

Operating Voltage: 1 to 10V

Max current at 2.0V: 500 µA

Max input SPL: 110 dB

Omni-Directional Microphone

Pattern: Omni-directional

Response: 30 Hz-17.5 kHz ± 3 dB

Sensitivity: -26 ± 3 dB

SNR: 58+ dB

Impedance: 2.2 K-ohms

Max current at 2.0V: 500 µA

Max input SPL: 110 dB

Package Contents

One Omni-directional ModMic with mute button

Two base clasps, one top clasp with cap

One extra 3M pad for re-attachment of base clasp.

One foam pop filter

Alcohol wipe

5 cable clips (not in pictures)


Carrying case


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Don't like the gaming headset options? Well check out the ModMic paired up with high quality headphones.

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