After talking with Antlion Audio when they contacted us about covering the ModMic I did talk to them about taking a look at a few different models. Specifically, the ModMic 4.0 is available with and without a microphone mute inline and also with both Uni and Omni Directional microphones. So check out the whole variety they sent both a Uni-Directional model and then an Omni Directional with a microphone mute in line. Along with that they also slipped in their USB adapter and their Audio Y Adapter. The USB adapter is a very small USB audio card and the Y adapter is for using a ModMic and headphones with today’s consoles and with tablets and phones.

The ModMic comes in its own zip up travel case so the packaging didn’t need to be over the top to get everything together. In fact, the zip up travel container does all of the work and they just slip a cardboard cover over it with the Antlion Audio logo up on top. Then down on the skinny edge it has the part number and barcode. It’s all simple and to the point, exactly how I like it to be.

image 1

I will go over the carrying case and everything more in the next section but I did pull out everything other than the microphone that comes inside. You get a folded up quick guide for installing your microphone, an alcohol prep pad, and a baggy with wire clips and two microphone mounts.

image 6

The USB audio adapter comes in a clamshell plastic package. Inside is a small panel with the adapter name up top and a short list of its features (Headphone and microphone connections, PC/Mac/Linux support, and USB 2.0). The back goes into the features a little more and mentions that the adapter is driverless so it is plug and play. I love that when you pull the adapter out that they hid a Lenny emoticon behind it on the packaging. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

image 2

image 3

image 21


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Don't like the gaming headset options? Well check out the ModMic paired up with high quality headphones.

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