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With all of our testing out of the way and having taken a closer look at XFX’s new Qick319 RX 7600 XT Black we can now step back and put it all together. For styling the Qick319 RX 7600 XT Black has gone the same direction that all of XFX’s cards for the last few generations have had. It has a simple relatively flat design with just the golf ball like dimples breaking that up and it is nearly completely blacked out with no lighting and a minimal amount of branding. The styling isn’t going to be for everyone, but one thing is for sure is it isn’t going to be too flashy or overdone. That said the card is surprisingly large, XFX did utilize the space completely packing in a large cooler but I was surprised it was larger than the Founders Edition RTX 4070 SUPER I just took a look at last week. One thing I mentioned earlier and I wouldn’t call it a con at all, but I would love to see an all white version of some of these XFX cards. The blacked out look is great, but doing the same with white would be cool.

The Qick319 RX 7600 XT Black did perform really well in our cooling testing. The large cooler of course does mean it has a lot of cooling capacity and it ran cool with the stock fan profile and even better at 100% fan speeds. So much so that given that it was on the noisier side a quieter fan profile would be really beneficial here using the extra cooling capacity to keep things even quieter. That said the power efficiency was especially bad here. The RX 7600 XT itself does take the 165-watt TGP from the RX 7600 and ramp it up to 195 watts but with the Qick319 RX 7600 XT Black, I suspect that the overclock has even more power given where it landed in our efficiency charts.

As for performance when looking at our in-game tests the Qick319 RX 7600 XT Black averaged a 4% improvement at 1080p, 5.1% at 1440p, and 3.6% at 4k. The RX 7600 XT at its core is an upclocked RX 7600 with the VRAM doubled and that was noticeable in our testing. In some tests, especially the synthetic benchmarks it had a hard time setting itself apart from the overclocked RX 7600’s that I have tested in the past. People concerned about VRAM in the future however are going to love the doubled capacity, but some of that will be held back by the 128-bit memory bus which is why there was a little more performance improvement at 1440p but it fell back on its face at 4k. That said, overall the RX 7600 XT did perform really well at 1080p and wasn’t bad at 1440p as well as long as you aren’t aiming to game with a high refresh monitor at that resolution for everything. It outperformed the competition from Nvidia with the RTX 4060 as well. The $329 MSRP lines up with the 4060 well but it is really going to depend on if the extra memory is important to you. If it isn’t the RX 7600 from last year can be found for $269 for a similar XFX card. You are paying a lot more relatively for the small performance bump. Overall though this is a reminder that for 1080p gamers and even 1440p gaming you don’t need the highest-end card to enjoy yourself and for the RX 7600 or RX 7600 XT you also get a copy of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora right now from AMD which adds some extra value compared to no games if you were looking at the RTX 4060.


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