Where most video cards come in similarly sized boxes, XFX’s packaging goes a completely different direction with their vertical boxes and I’m always a fan. For starters, because of the design, the wrap-around down at the bottom that all cards have is a lot smaller. The wrap-around has the red corner with the model name in it and in the bottom left corner the cards VRAM along with a few of AMDs technologies listed along the bottom. With more room, XFX has a black background with an overlapping diamond shape. Then they have the QICK 309 branding in a HUGE bright white font on the front. Up top, the XFX logo is smaller, and in the background, they also have Speedster Series with a more subtle but still large outlined text. I would normally really want to see a picture of the card on the front and that would still be a great way to use up that space. But XFX has at least put two large pictures of the Qick319 RX 7600 XT Black across the back that show both the front and back of the card so you know what you are getting into.

image 1

image 2

Once you pull the outer box off inside is a thicker black box. When you open it up there is a card inside with QR codes linking you to warranty information, an installation guide, and drivers. It also has a sticker on it that has the model information and serial number for your card which makes all of that easier to get should you need to contact XFX in the future. Under the card is a  nearly inch thick layer of foam which lifts up and you will find the card. The card comes wrapped in plastic and sits in an even thicker foam tray that is cut to fit around the card along with a small piece of foam tucked in around the PCIe slot to keep things secure.

image 3

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