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XFX’s styling for a few generations now could mostly be summed up by calling it simple and black. Most of their cards are larger but the fan shroud designs have been flat, sometimes having a few small accents like the golfball like dots on the Qick319 RX 7600 XT Black today and some cards have a silver ring around the fans. For the Qick319 RX 7600 XT Black nearly everything is blacked out, in fact on the fan side of things, the only thing that isn’t black are the stickers on the centers of the fans. It has a Johnny Cash Man in Black kind of feel. The plastic shroud has a satin-like finish so it is still a little glossy but has a texture to it. The card design looks a lot like the Qick319 RX 7700 XT Black that I took a look at last September but does have those dimples added in which I haven’t seen for a few years back on the Merc 308 RX 6600 XT Black. The overall design is simple and not everyone is going to like that, but being simple it isn’t going to clash with anything as well in your builds. I would love to see XFX take this same design and have an all-white model to go with it however, white cards are always a little harder to find but with so many white builds it wouldn’t be bad to have that option with XFX as well.

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The Qick319 RX 7600 XT Black comes in at 302 mm long, 114 mm tall, and 50mm thick but on the thickness I measured closer to 49mm. That makes it a slot and a half thick which is thinner than a lot of cards these days. The height does mean it sticks up past the top of the PCI bracket but that space is all using unusable space because of the power plugs. But at 305mm in length, this is a big card, especially considering where it fits in the product stack. I love getting great cooling, but I wouldn’t mind having a few options that are more compact with cards like this as well but this isn’t one of those.

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Some of the XFX coolers have had two fan sizes utilizing larger fans on the ends but for the Qick319 RX 7600 XT Black, you get three of the exact same fans. They have a 92mm wide fan opening and a 90mm wide fan blade. XFX hasn’t gone with the newer style fans with a ring around the outside yet like most other companies have but the fans do have 13 blades with very little twist to the blade design, choosing to pack in more blades instead. The centers have a sticker with a silver and black design which is the only non-black accent on the front of the card at all and I do wish these were just blacked out, maybe utilizing gloss black and flat black if they want to have a design. The plastic fan shroud does have a few mold marks on it when you get a closer look under my photo lighting but with the card here at my desk as I write this in lower lighting I can’t see them at all.

image 8

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The plastic fan shroud does wrap around onto the top and one end has the Radeon logo printed in white and the XFX logo is on the far in also in white. There isn’t any lighting at all on the card which fits well with the murdered out black styling. The top of the card has a big opening for ventilation and the heatsink sticks up past the top of the PCB. This is nice because it uses space that would already be used for the power cords sticking up. Speaking of which the Qick319 RX 7600 XT Black has two 8-pin PCIe power connections, sticking with the older and larger plug style that is also a little more reliable so far compared to the new 12VHPWR connection. Just to the side of that, there is also a small dip switch, which flips between the card's dual BIOS. XFX is running the same profile on both currently so there is no difference between the two but it does give you a backup BIOS.

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Looking around at the top and bottom edges as well as the end of the card gives us a much better look at the coolers design. We can see the vertical heatsink orientation which vents air up and down for a shorter distance than across the card. The heatsink is thick and uses up every bit of space it can with it being the full thickness beyond the PCB and is all the way up against the rest of the card and shaped around each component. It uses a nickel plated copper cold plate to get contact with the GPU and then an aluminum cooling plate for the memory around it with thermal pads on all of the memory and VRM. That heat then is pulled into the heatsink above it as well as into 5 6mm heatpipes that pull the heat out across the card to reach both ends. The heatsink itself is then an aluminum sheet metal design and the cooler with cold plates, heatpipes, and heatsink is 4575 grams in total weight. The card also has full digital PWNs with 8 IR35217 PWM, two for the SOC and 6 for the GFX VDDC and then there are two NCP81022n, one for the MVDD and one for the VDDCI. The end view of the card has the Radeon branding on it in chrome which is on the aluminum backplate that wraps around. The fan shroud does have a gap between the backplate here for a little airflow if needed but the end is mostly covered.

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The backplate for the Qick319 RX 7600 XT Black is a thick aluminum sheet with a nice black finish that matches the rest of the card. The backplate runs the length of the card and goes all the way up to the top of the heatsink which is over the height of the PCB and wraps around near the front of the card giving it more strength, the end also is bent around to the back as well, in addition to being thick those bends give the backplate and with it the card a lot of strength. It has a lot of vents cut into it, up at the top there are a few cutouts to let the air to flow through, and near the power connection and the BIOS switch it drops down to not get in the way. At the end, there is a large opening for the blow-through section past the end of the PCB but there are also holes cut across a big section as well as the XFX logo cutout. This still gives strength but gives the PCB a little more airflow. XFX does use thermal pads between the backplate and the PCB even with the ventilation. The backplate also has the information sticker on it with the model information and the card's serial number.

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For display connections, the Qick319 RX 7600 XT Black has the now standard three DisplayPorts and one HDMI. It does have the HDMI sitting in the middle which can make it a little harder to find but is normal to see. The PCI bracket itself has a slight tint to it, a nice black finish would look a lot better and match the card. It does also have some ventilation with vents running across the 2/3 of the card that doesn’t have display connections and XFX has their logo tucked away in there as well.

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