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MSI introduced their new SUPRIM lineup a little after the 3000 series launch and both times I have had the chance to check out one of the SUPRIM cards I’ve been impressed with what MSI is doing. The packaging is a little more premium over what MSI normally does and each card comes with a SUPRIM branded mouse pad and an adjustable support to prevent any card sag long term. The card itself looks amazing, I think only the Founders Edition cards are better looking but these aren’t far off. The SUPRIM X has a thick metal backplate, nothing is held back when it comes to the cooling, and they aren’t going for a crazy “gamer” styling. This is an elegant-looking card that is also the big dog flagship model. I especially like that not all of the lighting is used just to backlight branding. Most of the lighting is nice It outperforms the RTX 3070 Ti Founders Edition across the board while also pulling a little less power and being in a completely different level when it comes to cooling and noise. That also means, just like with the 3070 Ti FE, this card is amazing with 1440p games giving you the ability to game at 1440p at high refresh rates.

Like with the previous SUPRIM card that I took a look at. This is a huge card. It is well beyond a normal card size in every dimension, so you do need to keep that in mind when making sure it's going to fit in your build. This is also why MSI includes the extra support bracket as well, a big card with the monster heatsink on this thing has a lot of weight to it. So you will want to be sure you aren’t putting the PCIe slot under any extra strain and for long term making sure the card doesn’t sag as well. A small detail, but I wish MSI went with a nice black PCI bracket on the back of the card to match up with the rest of the card.

As far as pricing, it’s a little hard to even pinpoint the MSRP on the RTX 3070 Ti SUPRIM X. GPU pricing as a whole is still crazy and availability is still very limited. So the only cards available right now for the 3070 Ti SUPRIM X are in the $1300 range which we known isn’t anywhere near the base MSRP of the 3070 Ti. While that is way above what I would recommend paying. I would say that the SUPRIM X should be at the top of your list when shopping for an RTX 3070 Ti. You really can’t beat its overclock, gaming performance, and cooling performance. Not to mention the overall build quality and styling as well.


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