I recently took a look at the RTX 3070 Ti and was impressed with its performance. But that was just with the Founders Edition card, what can the 3070 Ti do with a monster cooler and an overclocked? Well MSI sent over their RTX 3070 Ti SUPRIM X which is their flagship card design and the X indicates that it is also overclocked. So today I’m excited to see what Nvidia’s newest GPU is capable of when paired with MSI’s biggest and best card design. I was impressed with the SUPRIM 3080, will the 3070 Ti be the same?

Product Name: MSI RTX 3070 Ti SUPRIM X

Review Sample Provided by: MSI

Written by: Wes Compton

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Model Name

GeForce RTX™ 3070 Ti SUPRIM X 8G

Graphics Processing Unit

NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3070 Ti


PCI Express® Gen 4


6144 Units

Core Clocks

EXTREME Mode: 1875 MHz (MSI Center)

GAMING Mode & SILENT Mode: 1860 MHz

Memory Speed

19 Gbps



Memory Bus



DisplayPort x 3 (v1.4a)

HDMI x 1 (Supports 4K@120Hz as specified in HDMI 2.1)

HDCP Support


Power consumption


Power Connectors

8-pin x 2

Recommended PSU (W)


Card Dimension(mm)

335 x 140 x 61 mm

Weight (Card / Package)

1768 g/3059 g


Before diving into everything I do always take a look with GPUz to double-check that the listed specifications match up with what I am getting in my testing. In this case, the specifications have the SUPRIM X at 1860 MHz for both the gaming and silent modes which are on the switch then 1875 MHz if you use their software. GPUz confirms the 1860 MHz clock speed which our card came in the silent mode so that is where most of our testing will be in. The 1860 MHz clock speed is a big jump up over the 1770 MHz of the 3070 Ti Founders Edition. Beyond that GPUz documents the card's firmware when tested and the driver I used which is the 466.61 beta driver Nvidia provided for the launch (all of this tested was done pre-launch, I’m just behind in getting the coverage out).

image 9


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