VR Benchmarks

As a huge fan of gaming in VR, I do like to include some VR testing in the mix but there are a limited number of tests available that anyone can run. So if you are reading this and have any ideas I would love to find more tests. So I only tested in SteamVR which is now outdated and most cards are capping out the high score of 11. The two GTX 1660 Ti’s did cap it out though but came extremely close with a 10.9 and 10.8. The EVGA card managed to get one tick higher than the MSI and that was enough to match the GTX 1070.


My second test was using VRMark which has three different benchmarks. All three I have tracked in FPS and the target FPS is anything over 109 for it to be smooth on a headset. Orange Room is similar to SteamVR in that it focuses on more basic detail current VR game performance, Cyan is current day high detail, and blue looks at future VR game performance. In all three the XC Ultra pulled ahead of the Ventus XS by a small amount and both reached the target FPS on cyan and orange rooms. In Cyan and Orange rooms they outperformed the GTX 1070 Ti with just the blue room that they didn’t do as well on.


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