One thing is for sure, EVGA really sets themselves apart when it comes to their packaging. The vertical orientation that they have gone with this generation is unique and eye-catching. The box for the GTX 1660 Ti XC Ultra was surprisingly small, even compared to the EVGA RTX 2070 that I recently took a look at. The front of the box has a photo of the card itself on it which to me is huge. Everyone should do this and I’ve been saying it for years. I’m very glad to see companies finally doing this. It lets you see the card in a retail environment that doesn’t have 15 pictures. The Nvidia wrap around is still there, but it takes up most of the bottom and EVGA kept their branding simple and to the point with their logo in the top left corner and the XC Ultra name next to the card photo. The back of the box just has the normal Nvidia provided features list, as well as the rest of the new wrap around that, now includes info on the GeForce Experience. EVGA basically only fit a small logo for their Precision X1 software as well as a QR code to download it.

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Like I said before, this box was surprisingly small, for the size of the card inside. EVGA really made sure to protect the card though. It came wrapped in a bubble wrap bag. The only documentation available was the fold out installation guide. Then inside of the bubble wrap bag, there was a thick layer of foam all around the card. After cutting that off I found the card wrapped in the normal static protective bag with EVGA branding on it. I half expected to pull the card out and find out it was a nesting doll after pulling off so many layers already but it was the card with a plastic film on the shroud, rubber on the top of the PCI bracket and on the PCIe slot. Surprisingly they didn’t have any plugs in the display outputs as most companies do.

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