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Next, I wanted to check out the Compute performance of the GTX 1060 SC. To do this I tested using two programs, Folding at Home and CompuBenchCL. With folding at home I am able to take a look at single and double precision performance while folding and in CompuBenchCl, I test video composition and then Bitcoin mining. Each giving us a little different aspect of compute performance. I started my testing off with Folding at Home. In the single precision folding test, the 1060 SC jumped up above the GTX 980 Ti as well as the other GTX 1060’s with a score of 81.1326. There is a big gap between this and the next card, the GTX 1070’s. In the double precision test, like with all Nvidia cards the 1060 SC did drop a little. Nvidia cards don’t have FP64 cores so in this test the RX 480’s and RX 470’s pull ahead. The SC does however once again pull a nice lead on the Zotac GTX 1060.



In the video composition benchmark in CompubenchCL, we are testing what FPS rate the GTX 1060 SC can process video creation. This is a lot like the folding double precision benchmark where the FP64 performance helps a lot. So while the 1060 SC did outperform the other 1060’s by a few FPS it does still come in behind both the 4 and 8 GB RX 480’s. In the Bitcoin mining benchmark, the story is similar. What does interest me though is how close the GTX 1060 SC is to the RX 480’s considering its lower TDP. Miners take into account power draw a lot and with just a small difference in performance the GTX 1060 SC does become a more efficient card when you consider power/performance.




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Today i check out the EVGA GTX 1060 SC, an ITX form factor 1060

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