For being such a small card, the box for the GTX 1060 SC really wasn’t any smaller than some of the longer cards. EVGA also kept things the same on the outside of the box. On the front the EVG logo is embossed on a metal looking background then all across the front they highlight that this is a Superclocked card with a large Superclocked across the box. The GTX 1060 branding is in the normal GeForce spot on the front and then around onto the side of the box. Then up top they have the 6GB capacity, this is important to have now that there are both 3GB and 6GB configurations of the GTX 1060. Beyond that EVGA has a number 1 in gaming logo down in the bottom left corner and there is a VR Ready logo up in the top right to show that this card is capable of handling VR. The back of the box drops the metal look and is all white. Here they have a key feature list that is repeated in five different languages. What is missing here for me is at least a photo of the card and a line drawing or a photo of the display connections available on the card. That along with a short specifications listing with the card size would help people in retail know for sure if the card will work in their new PC.

image 1

image 2

Inside the box, being a smaller card, the card didn’t come in a plastic tray like the EVGA 1070 that I reviewed. This card came in a bubble wrap bag. Inside the box, everything is split up with a piece of cardboard to divide things up and there is a slot for the card, one for accessories, then room for all of the documentation. For accessories, EVGA included a really nice double Molex to 6-pin adapter cable that is individually sleeved and all black. For documentation, you get a user guide and a paper with information on the 10 and 900 series card. Then you get two EVGA stickers and EVGAs Arm Yourself poster. They are really the only company that includes a poster and it’s always a nice touch.

image 3

image 4

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image 8

Once you get the GTX 1060 SC out of the bubble wrap bag it also comes with a protective film on the outside of the fan shroud. So fans of pulling off those protective coatings will enjoy pulling this one off.

image 9


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Today i check out the EVGA GTX 1060 SC, an ITX form factor 1060

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