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Being such a big event Nvidia did also introduce a few other things as well. For starters, with Windows 10 on its way Nvidia spent a lot of time going over the work they have putting in on DirectX 12.1 for Nvidia cards. Specifically they talked about GM2xx series cards, like the GTX 980 Ti, supporting a feature called Volume Tiled Resources. Volume Tiled Resources breaks in game textures down into tiles, figures out what tiles will be needed, then loads them into video memory. Doing this allows for higher fidelity graphics while using less memory.

nvidia 1

They also covered Conservative Raster, a feature that is required for DirectX 12.1. Basically this is a more accurate method for determining if a pixel is covered or not. In the photo below you can see that in the triangle with conservative raster turned off there are a lot of boxes that the triangle lines go through but don’t go through enough for it to turn the pixel on. They do this because it takes more computing for the video card to figure it out in more detail. Now there will be support for conservative raster with hardware acceleration allowing for it to be used more. A good example of the difference is in the second photo below where they show ray traced shadows with it on an off as well as a standard shadow.

nvidia 3

nvidia 4

Nvidia is also introducing new tech for VR as well. In the past when using a VR headset the GPU renders everything just like it would on a normal screen, then everything is processed again to stretch everything out so that when you view it with the VR headset on it looks normal. Well Nvidia figured out that the fisheye like stretching that they do in post processing means the middle of the screen hardly changes. So they found a way to render everything all at once rather than post processing the VR stretch. By doing this they have greatly increased the performance when using VR.

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I think the feature that was introduced that I like the most was the introduction of windowed mode G-Sync support. In the past G-Sync only worked if you ran your games in full screen. With the driver introduced along with the GTX 980 Ti you can now get G-Sync in windowed mode. This is huge for me because I game on a G-Sync monitor but hate running in full screen in my games because I tab out a lot when doing things on my other monitors.

nvidia 6

Also in G-Sync news is the introduction of G-Sync for laptops. Nvidia along with a whole list of partners will be releasing a bunch of gaming laptops that now have G-Sync built right in.

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Well with Computex getting started right now, Nvidia's newest card the GTX 980 Ti is out of the bag. Check out the review, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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