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So the GTX 980 Ti is a really interesting card. Basically Nvidia has cut out some of the CUDA cores out of a Titan X and halved the vRAM. Normally if someone said they cut out CUDA cores and half of the vRAM I would be concerned but frankly the Titan X is a monster. The GTX 980 Ti fills the hole in the product line that was created when the Titan X was launched, giving them a high end gaming focused card that while still expensive isn’t the price of a small vacation like the Titan X. So how well does the Ti perform? Well I expected it fall in between the 980 and the Titan X but in nearly every test it is just a small step below the Titan X. The reason this is important is because the performance gap between the cards isn’t in proportion with the price difference, making the Ti a bit of a value. It might sound crazy calling a card that costs nearly $650 a value, but in comparison it is.

Where I was really impressed though was when overclocking the GTX 980 Ti. I saw memory overclocks as high as 8500MHz without any issues, well beyond what I have ever seen on any other card. The GPU overclocks were impressive as well and in the end I saw a performance increase of a little over 16%.

As for downsides, the GTX 980 Ti did run a little warmer than I would prefer but all of the Nvidia reference cards have been running similar. That is because the target temperature is set to 83 degrees by default. I was also sad to see the backplate that had its introduction on the GTX 980 go away also, but I know a lot of the manufactures will include them when they do their custom cards.

So is the GTX 980 Ti the card to get? Well when compared to the Titan X it is for sure. You get nearly the same performance at a much better price. That said it is still a lot of money and frankly it is more card than most need unless running at 1440p or higher. I would also keep an eye out for what AMD has upcoming as well. We don’t know how well it will compare to that until they launch their new cards.


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36682 31 May 2015 22:04
Well with Computex getting started right now, Nvidia's newest card the GTX 980 Ti is out of the bag. Check out the review, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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