After I finished our standard benchmarking I had to see just how well the GTX 980 Ti overclocked. To do this I broke down the overclocking into the GPU clock and Memory clock and individually overclocked them. Each time I would use 3DMark 11’s 2nd test to put the overclock to the test. Below I documented each attempt including the average FPS. Then once I found peak overclocks for both I run them together and make sure the card can handle it together. So starting with the GPU clock we had a stock speed of 1076 MHz. Given my previous experience with the Titan X I jumped up to 1200MHz right away with a good result. From there I continued to increase the clock 100MHz at a time until it failed (1400MHz). From there I attempted to find the edge. In the end I took the GPU clock from 1076MHz to 1370MHz and went from 101.34 to 117.87 FPS.

On the memory side I started at the stock speed of 7010MHz and jumped up in large increments to try to get near where the Titan X failed but frankly the GTX 980 Ti kept going and going. In the end I didn’t run into a problem until just past 8500MHz. Oddly enough the driver crashed but previous to that I didn’t see any artifacts at all. Next I put the two peak overclocks together and once again the GTX 980 Ti handled it. In the combined testing we saw an average FPS of 118.08. In our Titan X coverage I was impressed with the overclocking potential but the GTX 980 Ti blew it out of the water. Both on the GPU and Memory clocks I was able to reach a higher overclock than the Titan X that shares the same GPU. I can’t wait to see what kind of performance we will see when the overclockers get their hands on them!

GPU Clock Speed Overclocking
GPU Clock Speed Pass/Fail FPS Result Notes
1076MHz Pass 101.34 Stock Clock
1200MHz Pass 109.48  
1300MHz Pass 115.37  
1400MHz Fail N/A  
1350MHz Pass 117.33  
1360MHz Pass 117.58  
1370MHz Pass 117.87  
1380MHz Fail N/A Driver Crash
Memory Clock Offset Overclocking
Memory Clock Speed Pass/Fail FPS Result Notes
7010MHz Pass 101.34 Stock Clock
7500MHz Pass 101.09  
7700MHz Pass 101.23  
7900MHz Pass 101.16  
8000MHz Pass 101.16  
8100MHz Pass 101.19  
8200MHz Pass 101.37  
8300MHz Pass 101.26  
8400MHz Pass 101.33  
8500MHz Pass 101.33  
8600MHz Fail N/A Driver Crash
GPU and Memory Overclocks Together
GPU Clock Speed Memory Clock Speed FPS Result Notes
1370MHz 8500MHz 118.08  


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Well with Computex getting started right now, Nvidia's newest card the GTX 980 Ti is out of the bag. Check out the review, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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