In-Game Benchmarks

For our in game testing I run a variety of games and get the average FPS for each game in both 1080p and 1440p with the exception of Shadow of Mordor that is only tested at 1440p. Across those tests when testing at 1080p the GTX 980 Ti performed with an average FPS over 60 in every single case. Keep in mind this is with the settings completely cranked up. In a lot of those games the FPS average was at least double the 60FPS that we consider to be the goal FPS. When testing at 1440p the results weren’t as good though. Out of the 9 games tested 6 came in over 60 FPS and three came in below 60 and above 30. With two of those I would basically consider them 60 FPS seeing that they were just off by a few fractions of an FPS. The only one that really didn’t pull it off was in Hitman. Ironically the GTX 980 Ti actually topped our charts there even outperforming the Titan X so I wouldn’t consider it a bad result at all, it just so happens to take two GTX 980s to just barely pull over 60 FPS at 1440p in that game.











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