Cooling and Noise

The biggest difference between the Sapphire HD 7770 Vapor-X and all of the other cards we have covered is the Vapor cooler, so I was very curious to see where this landed compared to the others both in cooling and noise levels. As always we went to FurMark for these results. FurMark puts such an unnatural load on all cards that you know that the results we see here are higher than anything it will do in game. Consider it a worse case scenario.

wm furmark

As you can see from the results the Vapor-X cooler helped Sapphire knock a few degrees off of their HD 7770 compared to the results we saw before. This actually put it right with the R7770 from XFX, this wasn’t a big surprise considering both cards had similar dual cooling fans.

Where the HD 7770 Vapor-X really stood out was in noise performance. While under load in FurMark I actually had to stop the fan on our test bench’s motherboard to be able to hear the card at all. Being on an open air test bench we normally hear more than what you would expect in a case, but in this case the HD 7770 Vapor-X was near silent. Sapphire managed to keep the card cool as well as silent.


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Sapphires new HD 7770 with Vapor Cooling tech!

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