Silver and dark blue line the Vapor-X’s packaging while still keeping Sapphires normal look. The last HD 7770 we saw from Sapphire had a girl in camouflage; this time around the same girl is in a white snow suit to represent the HD 7770 Vapor-X’s extra cooling. Along the bottom you have all of the required logos for Displayport, HDMI, PCI Express, ect. Around back all of the cards features are broken down with an short description around a paragraph long each. Sapphire also has a whole collection of the awards their cards have won.

image 2

image 3

Inside there is a second box with all the goodies inside including the card itself. For accessories you get a DVI to VGA adapter, Molex to 6 pin adapter cable, and they even include a 1.8 meter long HDMI cable. The card is wrapped up in a padded anti-static bag for protection. Sapphire has also included a large stop sticker on the bag to remind you to hook up the cards power cable when installing the card.

image 4

image 5


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Sapphires new HD 7770 with Vapor Cooling tech!

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