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As I spoke about on our other HD 7770 review, AMD put its vendors in a tough spot with the HD 7770. The reference design comes in at $159.99 with this card costing slightly more. The additional cost gets you an aftermarket cooler and a nice overclock over the stock reference design. That price alone isn't too bad until you consider that you can get an HD 6870 for a few bucks less, and that’s even before the rebates. That puts what could be a great card in a position where we can’t really recommend picking one up until the market changes a little bit. After the back stock of HD 6870’s runs out, or if we saw a slight price drop on this card, it could be a perfect addition to your budget build. But until this I would be hesitant. Now if you are on the market for an HD 7770 no matter what, how does this card hold up? This card does have a nice overclock and cooler similar in performance and price to the XFX card we tested. That boils down to brand preference. The 7/10 we gave this card here is based completely on AMD’s decision on the price, hopefully that is resolved in the future making this a better buy.


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #22901 15 Feb 2012 10:03
Our second look at the HD 7770, this time from Sapphire. Make sure to read our first review to get all of the details on the new HD 7000 series cards!

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