The theme for 7000 series cards from Sapphire seems to be the commando girl on the cover of the packaging who is holding a riffle. She looks be a combination of Vietnam based on her hat. She is sporting a nice Sapphire belt buckle and has a shirt on that if nothing else, might distract the enemy long enough to take care of them. The rest of the front is a little less distracting with the cards name on the left side and its key features lined across the bottom. There is also a sticker that points out that this card does come with a free 1.8 meter HDMI cable.

Around back there is a slightly smaller picture of that same girl from behind, this time you will notice the large knife she is holding, remind me not to mess with her! The back of the packaging has a more detailed listing of key features for the HD 7770 with each having a short description.

Inside there is a cardboard box that comes out, inside that box you will find all of your goodies including your new video card. The card itself is wrapped in a padded static protectant bag then placed in a tray formed from recycled paper. All of the cards accessories are also packed in next to the video card. This time around you get the HDMI cable, a crossfire bridge, DVI to VGA adapter, Molex to 6 pin power adapter, and a mini display port to full display port adapter.

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #22901 15 Feb 2012 10:03
Our second look at the HD 7770, this time from Sapphire. Make sure to read our first review to get all of the details on the new HD 7000 series cards!

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