Card Layout

The Sapphire HD 7770 uses a cooler design that is unique to Sapphire. The outside shell is shaped out of plastic into a very unique and attractive shape, something you might find in a game of Crysis. There is a single fan in this design in the middle that blows air over the heatsink directly over the GPU die.

image 8

The top of the card has a Sapphire sticker placed on it, this is the only part of the card you will see through your side panel window. In our case the sticker is a little tilted, but I would most likely attribute this to the card being an early card put together quickly to get to use before the actual product launch.

image 9

The front of the card next to the fan has a fake carbon fiber weave look on the sticker behind the HD 7770 name.

image 9

That same weave is used on the left side of the fan with the AMD Radeon logo. As you can see in this image the fan takes up a good portion of the cooler to help it perform with dual fan designs.

image 11

The cooler is an open air design like the XFX card that we also covered. On the end here you can also see that the card only requires one 6 pin power connection for power.

image 12

The HD 7770 only has one Crossfire connection meaning it is limited to dual crossfire, there won’t be any quad HD 7770 configurations. In this photo you can see the Blue PCB, blue is a nice color but we love to see black used whenever possible to match the interior of most modern cases. You can also see that the cooler can be detached by removing just four screws.

image 13

For the rear PCI slot connections we have two mini display ports, one HDMI, and one DVI connection. For those looking for two DVI connections you will have to use an adapter.

image 14


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #22901 15 Feb 2012 10:03
Our second look at the HD 7770, this time from Sapphire. Make sure to read our first review to get all of the details on the new HD 7000 series cards!

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