The packaging for the F2-422 is the same setup as the TD2 that I took a look at. An all blue box with the TerraMaster logo on the front with a handle up on top. Their logo is on each side with just the one end not having it. That is where they put a white printed sticker with all of the specific information about the model. This has the bar code and a full model number along with a feature list which ironically mentioned the 1G network, not the 10G but that is in the full model name.

image 1
image 2

Inside the box, the NAS comes wrapped up in a plastic bag with foam on both ends that hold it away from the sides of the box and keep it safe. Then next to that there is a cardboard box that comes with all of the accessories and documentation.

image 3
image 4

Inside the accessory box, you get a book on the warranty and a startup guide for documentation. They also include a sticker sheet with hard drive tags. This is also where they pack in the power cord. I like that the AC to DC inverter here isn’t a big wall wart they have it in line and it also doesn’t even require a ground for those of you who have an older house without updated wiring. There is a short network cable also included as well. Then there are two bags of screws and a screwdriver. The bags are labeled and you get the course threads that 3.5 inch hard drives use and machine threads that SSDs and small 2.5 inch hard drives use. The screwdriver is just a cheap screwdriver but it is a nice addition.

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