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So the TS-453Be wasn’t my first NAS or even my first Qnap NAS, in the past, I’ve had a set it and forget it mindset with my NAS. But when I tested our last Qnap NAS I was impressed with how they had improved the user experience. You get a lot of additional functionality with things like full VM support and even the ability to use the NAS itself as a media center with your TV. I was curious a few years later how things had changed and for the most part hardware, wise things are about the same. Most of the NAS are still running the same Intel J3455 quad core but that is because it has the power needed for both the basic file storage as well as handling all of the additional apps and functionality that Qnap is offering. The TS-453Be has a little different look that does protect the drives a little more. But that front cover is also going to get fingerprints on it if you have it in an area where it gets touched at all.

Performance was great with the main limitation that I ran into being the network bandwidth itself. That is one of the big features for the TS-453Be. Qnap has made sure to leave expandability with a PCIe slot that you can use to add 10GbE or even add two M.2 drives. Given that this NAS is on the lower end of their SMB lineup, it is nice to know that you can add some of the higher end functionality later if you decide you need it. You still don’t have the expandability of a home built server, but for an all in one solution, it isn’t bad. You are also going to have a hard time matching the 10 watt TDP on that CPU.

They also added a cool speaker that now talks to you to let you notifications rather than just the standard beep. I did find it useful, but it was equally scary when it catches you off guard. Qnap really pulls ahead when you look at all of the apps that you can one-click install. Especially for a basic SMB NAS, you are most likely not going to have IT at that level. This seems to be where Qnap excels. They have an easy to setup NAS both on the software and hardware side, so just about anyone could get rolling. Then all of the apps will let business owners run some CMS, Wiki, Chat, and other functions right on the network with a click.

Now the price of the TS-453Be depends a lot on where you get it. Right now Amazon is expensive, but you can pick it up for $468 at B&H Photo. That is still a touch high but you are getting an Intel-based NAS not an ARM like most of the cheaper 4 bay NAS. Linux based NAS with Intel CPUs aren’t the cheapest but the performance is solid and you get the expandability both with the hardware and in the software where you can even go as far as setup VMs if what you need isn’t available in the app store. It’s the simplicity and expandability though that really sells it for me. Or in my case, sure I could build my own NAS but there is no way I would get close to how low the power usage is. So if you are on the market for a NAs this is one I would consider.


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