As I mentioned at the start, we are only taking a look at the features of the new FSP Hydro G Pro ATX 3.0 1000W power supply, I’m not testing its performance. So I still recommend that you check out a full review that puts it to the test. You can find a few that test its performance properly at Tom’s Hardware and Anandtech. As far as features go it is clear that FSP is aiming to be a more budget-friendly ATX 3.0 option with the 80 Plus Gold rating. Even so, they have given the Hydro G Pro a few nice styling touches like the textured finish, the replacement stickers, and the flush-mounted fan grill. I’m also digging that they are still including a full cable bag when a lot of companies have been moving away from that. For cable options, you have the flexibility needed to use the Hydro G pro with an older style video card or a newer model that doesn’t have the 12VHPWR connection with the three different power cables and 6 total 6+2 PCIe plugs. Then when needed you can move over to the new 12VHPWR cable which is supported and included. Not having to use one of the included PCIe to 12VHPWR adapters will be worth it alone, but it also does flex a little better than the adapters which should make it easier to get a solid connection and avoid any of the issues that has brought. FSP has an interesting mix of peripheral cable options as well with every cable having at least 2 SATA power plugs and then mixing in Molex and floppy connections. I still have no idea who is using a floppy power connection these days though. They did have one shorter cable as well but I wouldn’t mind seeing one extra short cable with just one or two SATA power which is what most people would need and could keep wiring even cleaner.

For pricing, the FSP Hyrdo G Pro 1000 Watt has an MSRP of $199 but as of right now, it is down 5% to $189 on both Amazon and Newegg however Newegg doesn’t include shipping. The discount helps a lot as there are some other ATX 3.0 options on the market now at $179 with the same 1000-watt and 80 Plus Gold rating so the original MSRP would be a little high. Even at the discounted price, it is a little behind the Thermaltake Toughpower GF3 1000W which I would consider to be the most direct competition. That said the 1000-watt and 850-watt wattages hit a sweet spot for a majority of today's builds and even if you aren’t using the 12VHPWR connection now I wouldn’t buy a power supply for a system I plan on upgrading in the future without one. There isn’t such thing as future-proof, but it’s best to be ready.


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