FSP Hydro G Pro ATX 3.0 1000W

31 Mar 2023 19:05 #38952 by garfi3ld
Product Name: FSP Hydro G Pro ATX 3.0...

I took a look at the FSP Hydro PTM Pro two years ago when we used it in our TrueNAS project build and I have been happy with its performance so I was excited to see FSPs latest power supply be announced, the Hydro G Pro which like with a lot of new power supplies is FSP moving into the latest ATX 3.0 standard. That includes the addition of the new 12VHPWR connection. The Hydro G Pro is available in 850-watt and 1000-watt options and both are rated at 80 Plus Gold which means decent efficiency while potentially also being a reasonable value where the higher efficiency ratings get expensive quickly. Reasonably priced ATX 3.0 options would be great to see so I’m excited to see what FSPs latest power supply has going on.



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