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So like I mentioned before, the new V series V2 is available in 550 Watts, 650 Watts, 750 Watts, and 850 Watt options. One of the big additions to the new revision is the addition of the white color option which is the model I have below. This is Cooler Masters first white PSU, which is a little late to the market given how long white cases have been popular. The new redesign also has a new look for the casing as well. The model number is significantly smaller now, the old model had a big bold V750 with the V in gold. This time they went with it all being in grey which looks great on the white. The old design had a flat side with ribs up at the top, this design has a C shaped indentation that goes around the Cooler Master logo and model name with just a touch of styling with the grey stripes in the corner.

image 7
image 8

On the opposite side, Cooler Master has the information sticker, which is installed intentionally upside down for when you have the fan mounted facing down. I would prefer it if this information was all put on the top and to have a second clean simple side panel. Especially with fan down installations are the norm in most cases. The sticker is white to match the housing and sticks with the grey font with the exception of the 80 Plus Gold logo.

image 10

The V750 Gold V2 is fully modular and has what is essentially the standard layout for modular connections. The 24-pin is split in two, you have four accessory plugs with 5 pins and four eight-pin plugs for PCIe and CPU power duty. Each is labeled and easy to spot.

image 9

On the outside facing end, the power plug and the power switch aren’t a surprise at all, just about every power supply has those. I do like that the switch isn’t under the plug, which can sometimes get in the way with some PSU mounts. They slipped in another Cooler Master logo. Then a honeycomb design fills up a majority of the back for exhaust airflow. Then over on the right, they have a Hybrid button. This turns on a fanless mode that will let the PSU run up to 40% load at 25c before it turns the fan on. Other PSUs call this a silent mode, but they often turn on at a lower power level.

image 11

With the information sticker on the side, the top of the V750 Gold V2 is completely bare. On the other side is the intake fan. Cooler Master went with an octagon shape filled with smaller honeycomb holes for the ventilation. In the center is a Cooler Master logo sticker which on our sample is a little crooked. The fan side also has eight visible screws. Four of those are mounting screws for the intake fan and four hold the PSUs casing together. The fan, while not visible is 135mm in size and has a Fluid Dynamic Bearing an MTBF of 60,000 hours which is 2500 days or nearly 7 years of 24/7 use.

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image 13

For dimensions, the V750 Gold V2 is your standard sized ATX power supply with the exception that is is a hair longer than some of the 150mm by 150mm models. It comes in at 160 x 150 x 86mm with 150mm wide being standard and 86mm being standard as well.

image 15
image 16
image 17

Diving into the big heavy-duty bag that Cooler Master bundled all of the cables and accessories in. I love that you still get the bag, especially one of this quality. Inside the power cord is expected. But I love that you get a bag with a few zip ties to help with wire management as well as a pair of Velcro reusable ties. The four black mounting screws are tossed in with these as well. Then the rest of the bag is packed full with all of the modular wiring for the power supply. Cooler Master went with 16 gauge wires which is listed as a larger wire, the previous V series didn’t list the wire gauge at all but it does look thicker. At least on the PCIe and motherboard cables. The ESP or CPU cable looks a touch thinner than the others. Everything, including the 24-pin, uses the flat and flexible wire design which is nice. Then the big thing for me was the surprise that the cables are white to match the white PSU. Most white power supplies still have black cables, so this is a nice touch. 

image 14
image 18
image 19

Taking a closer look at the cables, the first batch of cables I measured were the 24-pin Motherboard power cable and two EPS or CPU power cables. All three came in at 27 inches long which is an inch longer than normal for the 24-pin and the normal length for the EPS. Typically the 24 pin doesn’t need to be as long in most cases.

image 20
image 21

For PCIe cables, you get two double connection cables. These have a plug at 18 inches then another at the end (23 inches). Both of the connections are 6+2 to give support for 6 or 8 plug connections.

image 22
image 23

Then for all of the accessory cables, you have a total of four which means you can hook them all up to the V750 Gold V2 at the same time. Three are matching SATA power cables and then the fourth is a Molex cable. All of them have four connections per cable. The three SATA cables are 35 inches long with plugs at 20, 25, 30, and 35. Three of the four are right-angle plugs with the last one being a normal straight connection. Then for the Molex, this cable having four plugs is unusual. Normally only 3 is used on a Molex cable. But because of the larger gauge wire, they have bumped it up to four.

image 24
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