The packaging for the V750 Gold V2 sticks with what Cooler Master has been doing for a while now for their theme which is a grey background with the purple trim down at the bottom. The Cooler Master logo and their “Make it Yours” theme is in the top left corner and down at the bottom the model name, especially the V750, is in big bold letters with the Gold highlighted in gold. The picture of the white PSU stands out great on the grey background and then they highlight a few key features with icons in the bottom right for the 10-year warranty, “40% fanless”, and 80 Plus Gold certification. Around on the back, they explain the fanless mode along with the hybrid button that goes with it with a picture of the button and a graph showing the fan curves. They have all of the wires and connections pictures. Then they touch on the fan as well. Cooler Master also included a full specification listing on the side which is nice. Everything you might need to know is on the packaging including dimensions if you are shopping in a brick and mortar store.

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When you open the box up you have foam all along the top lid as well as a foam tray which is where the power supply sits. Then all of the cables and accessories are all packed in a thick canvas bag which used to be the norm. Now lots of PSUs have dropped the bag and leave you to figure out what to do with all of your extra modular cables. I’m really glad Cooler Master still includes one. There is also a user guide included which comes right up on top of everything. This covers all of the warranty, safety, and installation. They even break down the pinout for all of the connections which is above and beyond if you ask me. But is great for anyone who may want to make custom cables later.

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The V750 Gold V2 also comes wrapped up in a bag for extra protection, in addition to the foam cocoon that has in the box.

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