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Being the first time I have had the chance to take a look at anything from v-color the V-color Skywalker Plus DDR4 was a good first impression. While I’m normally a big fan of blacked-out components, the chrome finish on our V-color Skywalker Plus DDR4 kit looks amazing. Not only is it a mirror finish, but it goes great with the simple design of the heatspreaders with just the V shape in them. The mirror finish will go with most builds and adding the black section at the top was a nice touch. While our kit wasn’t laser etched, having that as an option is a cool way to add a little extra customization to your build. The Skywalker Plus kit performed well in our testing and v-color does have a variety of clock speed and timings available.

They have the chrome finish as well as one they call Goldened which seems to be aiming for a gold finish but has a lot more red in it which ends up looking more like bronze. The kit that I tested specifically I couldn’t find for sale with the chrome finish but that may be a stock issue. With both finishes having a polished finish you are going to have to worry about fingerprints when installing them as well. My only other complaint is just that this is a DDR4 kit and while there are obviously still lots of people who need DDR4, AMD and Intel are both moving to or in the case of Intel have already moved to DDR5 and I would love to see that as an option.

As for pricing the 2x32GB kit running at 4000 MHz that I tested today isn’t exactly cheap with it currently selling for 279.99 and as I write this it is on sale for $269.99 on Newegg. But once we start comparing the pricing with the competition it's not that bad. There is only one other kit with the same capacity, clock speed, and CAS latency that sells for the same price and it isn’t sporting a mirror finish. Most of the other kits are selling for more. You can check out the competition with this link.



Live Pricing: HERE

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