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The packaging for the V-color Skywalker Plus DDR4 is the standard size for a dual channel kit and has a thin cardboard enclosure around the main tray to be printed on. This was done up with a dark black background that then has a circuit board design printed over top in a gloss black. It’s a little hard to see here because our photo table wood had just been recoated which transferred some oily fingerprints onto the packaging but the design is a lot more noticeable in person. The v-color branding name is right in the center with each letter having a different color and at the bottom edge, they have a cool rainbow effect that stands out against the black box. Up in the top right corner, you have the Skywalker Plus brand name as a sticker which is in yellow and shares a lot with a large movie franchise in the font styling. Next to that is another sticker, this one lets us know this is a 64GB kit and that it has two 32GB sticks of memory to reach that. The packaging has been designed where that with stickers v-color can use it across multiple models which is efficient and works well. The back of the box has more of the circuit layout design printed on it as well as the color rainbow down at the bottom. They have a paragraph that tells more about the v-color brand and below that they give you a phone number and support email as well as their website address which uses the same individual colors per letter. There is a white sticker on the back here that has a full description of what memory kit is inside. Where the front tells us the model and capacity, here we can see that this is DDR4, the clock speed is 4000 MHz, and they have the timings as well. Below that the sticker also has the serial numbers for both sticks or memory.

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Inside of the box, the V-color Skywalker Plus DDR4 ram comes in its clear plastic clamshell tray which is what gives the packaging all of its main structure to keep the memory safe. Given that they used this clear plastic it's kind of a shame that the box itself doesn’t have a window showing what the memory looks like inside.

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So the overall design of the V-color Skywalker Plus DDR4 has heatspreaders on the side, with a black filler at the top. The side heatspreaders are available in two different finishes and both fit with the Skywalker theme. You have a chromed finish which is what we have here and then what they call “golden” plating which they don’t call gold but from the pictures, I have seen looks like it is a mix of a gold finish with a little more bronze reddishness in it. Gold is expensive so I do understand why they wouldn’t want to go in that direction. The heatspreader design is flat except for a V shape in the middle for the v-color name. The overall finish on our chromed model is top-notch, it's very hard to photograph but look at the reflection when I put the packaging above it, it’s a mirror finish. That is the best part about using a chrome finish, it is just going to reflect what you have around it which will look good in any system and goes well with lighting as well.

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While from a lot of angles the V-color Skywalker Plus DDR4 does look to have just the chromed finish and nothing else, if you take a closer look there are a few spots with things etched onto the surface. The bottom left corner on one side has the full model name and the memory speed, voltage, and capacity. The other end then has the v-color branding on it. Interestingly enough they also offer customization with this as well and they will etch on text that you give them so you could add a funny joke or the name of your build as well. The back side has the RoHS logo and the manufacturing location and a sticker with your serial number as well.

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At the ends, we can see that the chromed heatspreaders do hook around at the ends and nearly touch the heatspreader from the other side. Then there is a black top cap that runs in between them keeping them evenly spaced out and with a pin through them holed everything together.

image 9

The top edge of the V-color Skywalker Plus DDR4 is in complete contrast to the chromed heatspreaders. The tops have a black section across the top which this almost architectural design carved in it that looks amazing. I would bet that a quad channel kit with this across the top would really stand out.

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