With the motherboard and CPU worked out I reached out to Crucial to look at memory options. I didn’t have any kits in the office that fit what we would need with the TrueNAS CORE build. With the goal being to run ZFS. ZFS has its Adaptive Replacement Cache which likes to snatch up as much memory as possible. So with our four memory slots, I was aiming to get the highest density ram possible. Sadly there are some compatibility issues with 32GB ram density so I decided to stick with four 16GB sticks to get us a total of 64GB of memory. From there it was mostly just a matter of what might be in stock, with the shortages in PC hardware.

I originally just wanted a basic old-school green kit without a heatspreader. But they weren’t in stock. The kit that they did have on the other hand was much better. We ended up getting two BL2K16G26C16U4B kits. They are both dual-channel 2x16GB kits running at 2666MHz which is perfect. Even cooler though, these have the new Ballistix heatspreaders on them in black and they are sharp! This build is a patched together build, but I have to admit that the memory goes perfectly with the EVGA X299 Micro with its all-black setup.

image 16
image 17
image 18
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image 110
image 111


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