Well, I’ve been busy and because of that projects like our TrueNAS Core build quickly get put aside for other things. But it is still important. The last time we took a look at it I went over the storage options that we went with. Well in order for everything to work, I need processing power. So today I’m going to go over what I’m planning on using for the motherboard, CPU, RAM, and for some of our cooling. The original goal for the build was to put to use some older hardware combined with new components on wear items like the storage into a new rack-mounted case. So some of this hardware isn’t going to be cutting edge, but that’s the point of a NAS build like this right? Putting your old PC hardware to use to get more life out of it.

Title: Project Data Hoarder – TrueNAS CORE Build Part 3

Written by: Wes Compton

Build Sponsors/Supporters: Silverstone - Western Digital - Crucial

Amazon Affiliate link: Storage Drives – OS Drive

Links to the rest of the project: Part 1 – Part 2Part 3 - Part 4


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