The new Ballistix kits come in the same clamshell trays that Crucial and most memory manufacturers have been using for years. They let you see the kit inside and in this case you can also see the sticker that has all of the kits timing and speed information. Crucial has their sport branding across the front that is on top of a diamond plate background.

image 1

Around on the back, they do show that they have three product lines, the Elite, Tactical, and the Sport. They are in order from fastest to slowest or from least affordable to most affordable. The sport kits also are known for having more color options. They actually have a nice breakdown on their website HERE. There isn’t too much information here though beyond the Ballistix social media pages down at the bottom.

image 2

Inside of the tray, you can see there are notches designed to lock the memory in place to keep it safe and looking good in the transparent packaging. Our samples were engineering samples so it is hard to say if they ship with anything else, but in my experience, there isn’t much of a need for other documentation other than maybe a small paper that has warranty information.

image 3


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