While performance is important, to a lot of people shopping for memory aesthetics are just as if not more important. Especially with a lot of people sorting by lowest price once they pick out the clock speeds that they prefer. This is the area where I think the Sport LT 3200 kits are lacking. Part of me loves their look, but more in a nostalgic way. This is because I don’t feel like the Ballistix Sport kits have changed for a while now.

image 5

The big thing for me is keeping in mind what you will actually see when you have the kit installed in most builds and that is a top-down view. The current heatspreader design has that blade shape but even with the small bend on the top edge when you look down on the kit all you don’t see much. Corsair, G-Skill, HyperX, and other brands all wrap their heatspreaders around the top or fill in the gap with something. In fact, just looking right now at Newegg you can’t find a 3200MHz 2x32GB kit without that aesthetic. This is where the Tactical Tracer RGB really excelled, they filled in the top of the memory, in addition to the obvious lighting and the customization (which was my favorite part). So that would be my big suggestion for improvement, wrapping the heatspreader up around the top so it is more visible like HyperX kits and some Corsair kits or filling the gap in with a non-backlit plastic or metal bar like G-Skill and some Corsair kits would be huge.

Beyond that the grey anodized finish is a good choice, it will go with any build especially with most motherboards going more color neutral and using lighting for color choice. The white kit also fits this theme as well but I feel like a black kit is missing. It could even replace the red kit which I would imagine is losing popularity now that most motherboards have been moving away from the red and black theme. The digital camo on the sides is a little dated as well. A cleaner look with just the Ballistix logo on a solid color or etched into the heatspreader would look great.

image 7


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