Before getting into the performance I do want to point out my overclocking experience with the two kits. Interesting enough the experience was different from both kits. To keep things consistent I set my overclocking goals. I didn’t want to run at higher than 1.45 volts on the memory and I wanted to stick with the XMP profile timings, for both of the Sport LT kits that was 16-18-18-36. From there I was looking to see what I could safely turn each kit up to for clock speeds.

image 4

image 6

With the 2x16GB Sport LT kit, I started at 3600Mhz and booted up into windows. With that in mind, I went ahead and jumped up to 3800Mhz and wasn’t able to boot at all. I think tried 3733Mhz, I was able to boot into windows here as well so I attempted my testing but right away in my first test the PC crashed. I dropped back down to 3600Mhz again, this time booting into windows and jumping into my testing to see if it would be stable. This ended up working out, being my most stable clock at 1.45v and with the XMP timings.

For the 2x32Gb kit, I did the same thing only this time I started higher than I did with the 16gb kit. My first run was at 3733Mhz where I was able to boot before but not test. I got into windows and ran my first test without any trouble. With that in mind, I backed out and bumped the clocks up to 3800Mhz. Again windows booted and I was successful with my first test. I backed out and aimed for 4000Mhz at 1.45v but at that clock speed, the PC wouldn’t boot. I went back down to 3800Mhz and finished my testing to confirm that it was stable and it was.


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